3 Month Nutrition-ONLY Program {Pricing Below}

The basic nutrition package is one that is meant to educate and guide you through choosing healthier foods & proper portion size. With Stealth Nutrition, we want you to enjoy eating while still pursuing and achieving your goals. We focus on learning healthy habits without being being burdened by the stress of "dieting", making this more of a habits based program. There is no personal training involved in this package. But we will adjust and recommend cardio programs to follow. Check out the details below and lets get you started.

·      Customized meal plans focused towards your goals, body composition & lifestyle

·      Customized supplementation

·      Customized Cardio programs (only).

·      Weekly Body Composition testing & monthly circumference measurements

·      30 min office or online appointment per week.

Month to Month $300

$800 if paid up front (discounted $100)

Text & Phone support Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm. (Unlimited text and phone support, additional $100 per month)