Stealth Nutrition was founded by Phil Martinez and his Wife Melanie. A Utah native, Phil has made health and fitness not only a priority for himself, but for everyone around him over the years.

        "I first fell in love with health and fitness in the form of bodybuilding. My uncles were big into bodybuilding and training back in the 80’s when i was a young buck. I will never forget my first workout one of my uncles ran me through at 11 years old, We went down to his basement where he had an olympic weight set. We then proceeded to workout chest every guys first workout right ;) Anyhow i will never forget how much i loved the feeling and the fatigue when we were done. Walking back up those basement stairs i knew immediately that this was the path for me! So from that day on I made it my priority to gather as much knowledge through training, Reading & studying every chance i could. It consumed me and still does to this day! My deep rooted passion for this lifestyle is something I wish to share with everyone i know and meet. This way of life is something that everyone can live to be healthier physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe strongly in this approach and have always been convinced that in order to change externally we must cultivate and make the proper strides internally! I first started my working years with a career in IT, as I knew this was a stable way to go i stuck with that line of work for quite some time. Although I was stable and secure in this field, something inside me was always saying “Go get what you want, you don’t belong here!” Finally making the decision to change fields and do what I truly love was one of the best decisions in life!"

Stealth was born and it is the choice of many to choose the stealth way of life! We welcome everyone with open arms who wants to live a healthier lifestyle, your health and quality of life is our priority!