If you're looking to step up to that next level of fitness and nutrition, or just improve your overall health, this is the place to be. Stealth Nutrition is all about gaining strength physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Let us help you build a stronger foundation to go out into the world and reach your goals. Stealth is more than just a health and fitness consultation: it's a way of life. Contact us today for a "Free consultation", and let us take you to that next level of health and fitness.



The Couples package is one of the most popular, as it is an exciting and fulfilling endeavor to go about this as a couple. Its always great when your significant other can join you its very motivating, supportive and has a great success rate.

We offer a couples discount on this program so you don’t have to pay the price of two people separately. Check out the details of the package below and lets get started!


This program offers all the bells and whistles. It is designed to be very educational and very hands on, in order to get those maximum results.

This program will take you to that next level you are looking for! You will get 1hour per week as your session with Phil in person where we will show you the optimal way to attain the physique you want. Check out the details included below and lets get you started.



The competitor package is for those individuals who want to compete in a sanctioned NPC, NGA or IFBB event. Those who are wanting to take on this lifestyle and learn about all the advanced forms of nutrition, supplementation & training this is the program for you! We don’t do anything less than a 16 week preparation package as this is designed to get you in the best possible condition for your show without killing you with 3 hours of cardio a day. Check out the details of this package below and lets start competing!


Nutrition & online

The basic nutrition package is one that is meant to assist and guide you through how to choose the proper foods and portion them correctly in order to further your progress towards that better healthier you. There is no personal training involved in this package. But we will adjust and recommend cardio programs to follow. Check out the details below and lets get you started.